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Interests and References as Final Step for Your CV

This is the last post in a series of 5 (that started here) on how to use JobCred exactly to create your finest CV. In this final step you are adding your interests and refer to your references.   Interests …

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Highlighting Education and Skills on Your CV

  This is the fourth in this 5-part series of blog post on how to use JobCred to create your finest CV. Last episode was all about how to focus your CV on your employments. I am sure you are …

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Focus Your CV on Your Employments

  Earlier, we have discussed what to include in the personal information page. We will now move on to the next part of your online profile and CV which is all about your previous Employments. You create a separate “block” …

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Make Your CV and Profile All About You

  In the previous post, we showed you how to get started in JobCred by creating first your own online profile using blocks. This post is a continuation of a 5-part series where we will guide you in completing your …

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Build your CV with Blocks

  Your CV is a very important tool when applying for a job. It highlights your capabilities and skills and tells the employer what you have to offer. Since CVs summarize your potentials, the presentation must be informative and concise …