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The Next 5 Unforgivable CV Blunders

cv acronyms blunders The Next 5 Unforgivable CV Blunders

Using meaningless acronyms is one of the unforgivable CV blunders.


In the previous blog post, you found the first 5 unforgivable CV blunders that drive recruiters mad.

Here are the next five:

6. Using meaningless acronyms from previous employments

You may have liaised perfectly between the AFD and the PSD regarding transfer of HTICs, but this is probably meaningless to potential employers. Keep your language clear, simple and concise.

7. Omitting important information

Omitting important information, or not putting relevant information towards the top of you CV, means that the recruiter either wastes time trying to find what they’re looking for, or worse still, doesn’t bother. If your reader can’t see your key selling points in the time that it takes to do a 10 second scan of your CV, you need a new CV.

8. Poor formatting

The wrong choice of font, colour, text size or any other of a dozen factors could ruin your chances of getting an interview. Stick to classic designs and formats that recruiters like to see.

9. Incorrect tense

CVs written in first person are a recipe for disaster and are consistently a real peeve amongst recruiters. Not only does it sound childish and informal, but it can make your CV sound arrogant with phrases such as “I did this”, “I completed that”, etc. Likewise CVs written in the third person, i.e. “Mr. Smith managed the company from…” aren’t going to do you any favours. Refer to out career advice centre to see how you should correctly phrase your CV.

10. Unnecessary titles

Including the words “Curriculum Vitae” or even “CV” at the top of the document is old-fashioned and can give a poor impression. Not only is it unnecessary, but it’s a waste of valuable space, and just another thing to detract attention from your selling points.


Remember the above when you’re applying for your next job. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and aim to provide exactly what they want without causing them any frustration or unnecessary work. Make a good start by using any of the professional CV templates from JobCred.com.

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