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Are you ready for a career change?

Are you one of the 6 in 10 employees that would choose a different career if you could start again? Or maybe you’re amongst the half of twenty-something year olds who already regret their career choice?

Perhaps you’re being forced into taking a different career path due to reasons outside your control.

Whatever the reasons, if you’ve decided to change career, you’re in the right place.

JobCred offers this quick guide on how to tailor your CV in preparation for a career change. By incorporating these tips into your CV, you’ll highlight what you have to offer to a potential employer, whilst moving the focus away from the fact that you might not have the education or work experience that may be expected.


First things first, are you sure?

If you’re reading this you’ve obviously decided that you need to change career paths. Before you proceed however, we’d encourage you to thinking carefully about what you’re about to do. Reassess your career goals. Where do you see yourself in the next six months? What about in three or five year’s time?

Look at your motives for wanting a career change. What’s driving this decision? It could be that you just need to change your job and not your career path; maybe moving into a larger or smaller company would suit you better? If you’ve decided to change career just for the money, are you sure that you’ll enjoy your new career… money can’t buy happiness after all!


Decision made. What next?

Bear in mind that a career change doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t get too disheartened if you find that it takes longer than normal to secure a new position.

It’s important to remember that when you change career you’ll be competing against candidates with relevant work experience and education. This can be a major strike against you, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. The trick in writing your CV is to highlight quickly what you can offer, and at the same time to convince an employer that you’re serious and committed. You need to address your reader’s concerns before they have time to materialise.

So, let’s look next time at what you can do to make the whole process easier…

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One Response to “Are you ready for a career change?”

  1. clarebanks says:

    The answer to the title question is YES! However I am not 100% sure about how to go about this, so any help would be appreciated

    My situation at the moment is I am working as a PA for a big corporation and i run lots of events, effectively doing the events management which I love. I want to go into this full time but not sure if I should do a uni degree or a short course with some practical experience. I have found this article which looks helpful, it is a company that does event management courses

    Would I be better off spending the money I would going to university by volunteering in this area and getting some real life experience.

    What are recruiters and employers asking for now, degree education or pratical experience.

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