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Common Curriculum Vitae and Online Profile Mistakes – Continued

In the previous blog post, we listed the first 5 common Curriculum Vitae mistakes, starting with using the wrong CV template.

Here you find the next 5 from our list of 10 common CV mistakes that you can easily correct using your JobCred online profile.


6. Wrong focus

Achievements are your single biggest selling point. Too many candidates prepare their Curriculum Vitae based around a job description. Simply giving a boring list of your duties isn’t sufficient; you need to make sure that you sell yourself with you achievements, quantified where possible. Try to show the value that your previous employer s got from having you as an employee.

Fix: Replace boring “Duties and Responsibilities” with dynamic-sounding achievements. See our article on CV Power Words to help with this.


7. Poor use of bullet points

Remember that a reader should be able to scan your CV in 10-15 seconds. Bullets points are a space-efficient way of doing this. Paragraphs can turn people off reading the entire document.

Fix: Switch to bullet points where possible. If this is not possible, use short paragraphs.


8. Irrelevant information

Avoid the temptation to beef up a short Curriculum Vitae with personal information which is not relevant to the job. It’s fine to include a few short sentences on your interests but limit it to that. Recruiters don’t really need to know your height, weight, sexual orientation, religion or political affiliations. If it doesn’t have a purpose it shouldn’t be on your CV.

Fix: Delete it unless it’s relevant to the position. At JobCred, you can keep it in your online profile and you only select the information when it is relevant for your CV.


9. You’ve included a photograph

JobCred gives you the option to upload a photograph to your online profile. That is good. You may also put your photograph onto your Curriculum Vitae however we strongly recommend that you don’t do that. Even if you think you’re drop-dead gorgeous rethink including a photograph on your CV until it becomes common practice amongst all jobseekers, or unless the job description specifically requested a head and shoulders photograph. No holiday snaps please.

Fix: Delete the photograph unless you were specifically asked for it.


10. Dodgy e-mail address

An inappropriate e-mail address will land your application in the bin. That’s if it gets through the company’s spam filter in the first place…

Fix: Set up a new sensible e-mail address specifically for your job-hunting.


Do you recognise any of the above from your CV?

Visit your JobCred online profile right now and correct these common Curriculum Vitae mistakes so you’re ready for the next great career opportunity that presents itself.


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