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How to Write Your Curriculum Vitae

write curriculum vitae How to Write Your Curriculum Vitae

Use the 6-point checklist to write your CV.


Here is an easy 6-points checklist for writing your CV.


1) Type of CV

Before you start writing your Curriculum Vitae, you first need to decide what type of CV you are going to make. The Chronological CV is the most common type of CV. It is suitable for 99% of all people and job applications.

You should only consider a “Skills CV” format (also known as a “Functional CV”) if you’re applying for a job that requires a very specific skill.

Choosing the Chronological CV format is more than likely the best option for you. JobCred provides you with a well-proven Chronological template.


2) Write the right content

Your Curriculum Vitae needs to cover the necessary sections as they are expected by recruiters and employers. This is not limited to simply your previous employers and education. Do not forget to include for example your Personal Statement and your main achievements. Focus on relevant information only. Delete anything that’s not directly related to the role for which you’re applying.

Using an Online CV Builder is a very easy and practical way to ensure that you do not forget anything. Good CV Builders provide you with tips and advice for every section of your CV.


3) Targeted and not too long

Tailor your CV for each specific job opportunity for which you are applying. Recruiters like to see a CV that is relevant and compact.

If you simply write everything that you have done and achieved, you’ll end up with a list that is too long. It is then only partly relevant for the position for which you are applying.

To save yourself time, maintain a master profile that includes all your work experience, education, skills and interests. When you want a targeted CV, you select those parts from the profile that are relevant for this particular job opportunity.


4) How to use impact language

The purpose of your CV is to create impact. It is your key into the door of the job interview. Grab your reader’s attention and hold it until your CV has convinced them to call you for interview.

Certain use of language and words create more impact than others. This is the real secret of a great CV.

Read here more about the secret of creating a real impact with your CV.


5) Spell check your Curriculum Vitae

When an employer has to review hundreds of CVs, what chance do you think you have when spelling errors jump off the page? Don’t forget to spell check every part of your Curriculum Vitae. Then print it out and check it again. You’ll be amazed what you can miss on a computer screen.


6) Layout

Your CV has to be more than a plain list of things you have done and achieved. A professional layout will make your CV easier to scan and read by the recruiter.

Make sure that you not only write a good CV but also ensure that it looks professional.

Read this article about how you can write a good Curriculum Vitae by following a few simple rules.

When you use the free JobCred CV Builder, you get access to a free and proven CV layout. You also get step-by-step advice and tips on how to write a Curriculum Vitae. Recruiters like the JobCred CV template.

Click here for signing up for the free JobCred newsletter and learn more about writing a Curriculum Vitae.


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