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Are You a Recruiter’s Worst Nightmare? 10 Unforgivable CV Blunders…

recruiter nightmare cv blunders Are You a Recruiter’s Worst Nightmare? 10 Unforgivable CV Blunders...

Don't be a recruiter's worst nightmare... send a professional CV.


Picture yourself as a recruiter, sitting at your desk, with a pile of a hundred CVs in front of you. Reviewing them is going to be a tedious task even if they’re all expertly written and totally accurate.

But they’re not going to be. There are bound to be more than a few absolute corkers in there that will drive you crazy.

So what exactly drives recruiters mad?

It’s the same silly mistakes again and again, so do yourself a favour and avoid the following…

1. Spelling Errors

Speling, speelling, speeling. The number one pet peeve for recruiters is poor spelling. Errors make you look unprofessional and careless. Your CV has to get you an interview so don’t let a simple spelling error blow your chances. Never send your CV as a soft copy without first printing it, reading it aloud, and asking someone else to read it for you.

2. Lying and exaggerating

Amazingly, people still lie and inflate their achievements on their CV. It’s almost guaranteed that a prospective employer will do a reference check and you’ll be rumbled. Be particularly wary of giving yourself an inflated job title, extended dates of employment or a pay rise, as these can easily be checked. As for using your friends as references, think twice…

3. Using a video CV

Are you mad?! Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you should use it. Until video CVs become the norm, you’re doing yourself no favours by submitting one. Even if you’re perfectly comfortable in front of the camera, people can be fickle, so why take the chance of not even being called for interview?

4. Long CVs

Less is more. Aim for a maximum of two full pages; exceptional circumstances may call for three pages. If your CV is longer than this you are seriously damaging your chances of being interviewed. You risk creating the impression of someone who is unfocused, unprofessional and incapable of communication effectively. Showcase your most recent achievements only; nothing more than 10 years old (anything more than 10 years ago can be summarised in a few lines). If your JobCred.com CV is just over two pages, download it and tweak it slightly in Microsoft Word to make sure it fits into two pages.

5. Unexplained gaps in your employment

What have you got to hide? This is the first thing a recruiter will think if they see a gap. Whatever the reason (redundancy, career break, travel, children etc.) state it on your CV.


The last 5 blunders will come in the next blog post.


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