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Should You Use a CV Builder?

CV builder Should You Use a CV Builder?

Using a CV Builder will get you more job interviews.


When it comes to CV builders and CV templates there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. Some professional CV design services say that you should let your personality shine through when you build your CV and therefore you shouldn’t use a CV template or a CV builder. Perhaps it’s only a coincidence that most of these advisors are people who would like to sell you an expensive CV design service?

The simple fact is that your Curriculum Vitae will get you more job interviews if you create your CV using a standard CV based on a template, like the ones that you can get on the JobCred CV builder.

A standard professional CV or resume template is consistently the preferred choice of recruiters. Your challenge is to ensure that what you say is fresh, dynamic and lets some of your personality shine through.

Two Reasons Recruiters Prefer Standard CV Format

The vast majority of recruiters won’t want to see an original CV design, with graphics, fancy text, boxes and lots more personality; most recruiters want a standard Curriculum Vitae template for two simple reasons:

  1. They know where to look, for what they want to find;
  2. They’re used to reading a standard font, in a standard size, in a standard format.

Nobody has time to read your entire Curriculum Vitae to find one important detail, so put your most important information exactly where your reader will expect to find it. A CV Builder is the way to ensure that you get this right every time.

Likewise nobody is going to waste their time reading a document written in a fancy script, or with multiple fonts, or with coloured fonts, or with fancy graphics, or… well you get the message.

Simple Rule for CVs

JobCred has a lot of experience in recruiting and interviewing. One recruiter we met had a simple rule that if your Curriculum Vitae has a photograph, a spelling-error, is more than three pages long, or has font size smaller than ten, it goes straight to the bin without being read. Harsh, but necessary when you have forty or fifty applications in front of you.

Remember this simple rule:

Standard CV templates from a CV builder will keep your recruiter happy and you’ll get more job interviews

When you’re starting to think about building your CV or creating your resume, JobCred recommends that you; keep your money in your pocket and avoid expensive professional CV design services; don’t start designing a Curriculum Vitae from scratch; use the JobCred Curriculum Vitae Builder and work with a proven professional CV template.

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