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Curriculum Vitae Examples

Here are some examples of what makes great Curriculum Vitae. Further below, you find a sample of a CV.

All Curriculum Vitae are different, but there are a number of ground rules for every good CV.


Here are the top 3 things to consider when creating your CV:

  1. Include only what needs to be included;
  2. Use a professional CV layout;
  3. Tailor your CV to the specific job opportunity.

When you go through the Curriculum Vitae examples on this page, you will see what the key sections make a good CV.

Read here about the free JobCred CV Maker that will help you to create easily a CV like the example here.


CV Sample

CV Page 1 Curriculum Vitae Examples

Chronological Curriculum Vitae Sample - Page 1


This CV sample has been created with the JobCred CV Builder. The process of building your CV starts with creating a profile. You then select the parts of your profile that you want to appear on your CV. You can choose to download your CV as a MS Word document or as a PDF.

CV Page 2 Curriculum Vitae Examples

Chronological Curriculum Vitae Sample - Page 2


Your advantages of using a CV Builder are:

  1. You get reminded of what to include on your Curriculum Vitae and won’t omit anything critical;
  2. You are using a proven and professional CV layout which is guaranteed to get you more job interviews;
  3. You have a simple tool to maintain, update and tailor your CVs.


Key Sections in Your Curriculum Vitae

The key sections in any good Curriculum Vitae example are:

- Personal details / Contact Details

- Personal statement / About Me

- Work experience / Employment

- Education / Training

- Skills and Abilities

- Interests and Hobbies

- References / Referees

An easy way to create and maintain your Curriculum Vitae that include all the key sections is to use the free JobCred CV Builder.


Click here to read what you get when you sign up at JobCred and get free instant access to the CV Builder tool to create professional looking Curriculum Vitae like the samples here.



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