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How Should a Curriculum Vitae Sample Look Like

cv sample look How Should a Curriculum Vitae Sample Look Like

Here is a summary of how a CV sample should look like,


Although each curriculum vitae needs to look distinct and unique, there are certain ground rules that need to be adhered to, in order to conform to norms. The easiest way to create a good CV is to study a standard curriculum vitae sample.

A CV basically consists of three portions as outlined below.

1. Personal Particulars

The personal particulars section is where you list your personal details like name, age, marital status, and your contact details like postal address, phone, email, and instant messenger particulars. You can also include your nationality and driver license particulars here.

Next, you need to write down your personal statement which mentions your goals and aspirations in life as well as your strengths and soft skills. You can list your achievements and any honors that you have been awarded. If your writings have been featured in any publication, you can list there here. And if you run a website or blog, you can mention them as well in the personal particulars section.

2. Employment Particulars on Your CV

In the employment particulars section, you need to list your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting from your current employer and going back to previous positions held in other companies and organizations. You can subdivide each employment listing into three subsections.

First, mention the position you held, and the name and address of the organization. Next, list the job description and the responsibilities that you held in that position. Finally, if there are any achievements during your tenure in that organization, you can mention them here in the employment particulars section. This needs to be repeated for each employment listing that you add to your employment particulars section.

Keep this in mind when you make a CV.

3. Educational Qualification Particulars

In the educational qualification particulars section, you need to list the education that you have received, again in reverse chronological order, starting from the latest and going back to the earliest. Apart from your main degrees, you can also list your diplomas or certificate courses through which you had acquired many of your skills.

Next, you can list your language skills, computer skills and other vocational skills along with the kind of courses that you underwent to acquire those skills. Finally, you can list your hobbies and interests to show what kind of activities interest you the most.

All the above three sections would be very important in helping recruiters decide whether you are the suitable candidate for the position they have vacant in their organization.

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