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How to Draft a Curriculum Vitae

draft curriculum vitae How to Draft a Curriculum Vitae

Take a structured approach to draft a CV.


When you ask yourself how to draft a Curriculum Vitae, remember that quality trumps quantity. A good CV shows quality in both its content and looks. Great content in a CV is wasted when the layout and the looks are not professional. In this article, we will, however, just look at the content. In our other articles you can read more about why to use a CV Builder and a standard CV template.

The first step when you want to draft your Curriculum Vitae is to list the facts.


Curriculum Vitae Facts

One important aspect of a CV is that it lists the relevant facts about you. On your CV, you mention your name, date of birth, nationality, address, email address and telephone numbers.

Make sure that you never use your employers email address for your CV. If you do not have a private email address that you can use, sign up for a free Gmail or Yahoo account. And choose your username wisely. “Crazy-Pete” could be your nickname but is maybe not the best way to represent yourself in your email address.

Another fact that you want to list when you make a CV is the correct name of the school or university where you obtained your highest educational level or degree.


Draft the Sales Text

You can’t change the facts to make your CV look better. But you can make sure that you present your experiences and achievements in the best possible way. As we said in the beginning; quality trumps quantity.

Draft a Personal statement that summarizes in a few short sentences who you are in your professional life. This is not a 5 minutes job. Write it, re-write it, let it lay for a day, read it and re-write it again. Ask someone else to read it and let them tell you what they read in between the lines. Keep working on it till you are happy with the result. Find here a sample of a Curriculum Vitae.

For each of your work experiences, focus on your responsibilities and achievements. List on your CV only the most relevant ones.


How to Create More Impact

The secret to creating a real impact with your CV lays in your choice of words.

Read this article here on how to create real impact with your Curriculum Vitae.


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