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How to Make a CV

how to make a cv structured How to Make a CV

How to make a CV that has a simple structure and is easy to read.


How do I make a CV? How do I build a resume? – short questions, but for some people they’re perhaps the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to changing jobs and advancing their careers.

So, how do you actually create a Curriculum Vitae or resume? A good CV follows a well-proven format that recruiters like to see and expect to receive. The secret to a great CV is simply to follow the rules, and the best way to do this is to use a Curriculum Vitae template from an online CV builder like JobCred.com.

What are the rules for making a CV? Here are our top tips for CV success:

1. Short and Structured CVs are best

Your CV should never run over more than three pages. Ideally a Curriculum Vitae should be two pages long. It is essential that your CV follows a standard format and that relevant information can easily be found by a first time reader.

2. Keep your CV simple

Avoid using complex language in your CV. As a rule, if you wouldn’t use a word in normal speech, don’t use it on your CV.

3. Make your CV easy to read

Good formatting is essential to ensure that your Curriculum Vitae is easy to read. Things to consider include line spacing, margins, font style, font size, font alignment, page numbering, white space etc. It’s a lot to get right if you haven’t written a CV before, however a proven CV template from an online CV Builder like JobCred.com does the hard work for you.

4. Keep your CV content relevant

Be ruthless with what information you include and what you exclude from your CV. If it’s not relevant to the particular role for which you’re applying, leave it out.

5. Keep your CV positive

Play up your strengths on your CV, and downplay your weaknesses or any parts of your CV that might cast doubt in the mind of your reader. Be 100% honest, but don’t draw attention to negative areas. As a rule “I was fired from this role” generally isn’t a good thing to read on a Curriculum Vitae!

6. Tailor your CV for every single application

Never send out the same CV for two roles. Use language from the job advertisement to tailor your Curriculum Vitae for every single job application.

7. Check, double-check and recheck

A spelling error on your CV will land it in the bin. Don’t rely solely on your computer to spell check for you. Print your Curriculum Vitae and ask at least two different people to read it before your sent it.

In a nutshell, this is how to make a CV. It may sound like a tall order, but remember that building a CV needn’t be a chore, or a stressful experience. JobCred.com offers a free guide on how to make a CV when you sign-up for a free account. A JobCred.com CV template will get you a long way to creating a CV that gets results.


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