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The Template for Your CV that Attracts Recruiters

  Here’s a proven template for your CV. A great CV template does two things for you: Provide you with a reminder of what to include on your CV. Provide you with a proven and professional CV layout that will …

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Curriculum Vitae Examples

Here are some examples of what makes great Curriculum Vitae. Further below, you find a sample of a CV. All Curriculum Vitae are different, but there are a number of ground rules for every good CV.   Here are the …

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Here’s How Your CV Can Help Changing Your Career

When you are sure that you are ready for a career change, see here how your CV can make the process easier.   Focus on “transferrable skills” Everyone gathers skills as they proceed through their working life; some are learnt …

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Are you ready for a career change?

Are you one of the 6 in 10 employees that would choose a different career if you could start again? Or maybe you’re amongst the half of twenty-something year olds who already regret their career choice? Perhaps you’re being forced …

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The Change Your Career Job Interview

  You want to change your career. The CV did its job. You got the interview. What now?  Employers may be hesitant when they meet you first as they have probably heard similar career change stories before. Hopefully your CV …

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