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The Secret to Creating a Real Impact with Your CV

Ten Seconds.

That’s the amount of time your CV has to get you an interview. That’s less than the amount of time it took you to lick the stamp and stick it to the envelope. In fact it’s probably less than the amount of time it took you to e-mail it.

It may seem incredible, but study after study shows that the average recruiter will spend only 10 seconds reviewing each CV. Once your 10 seconds is up, you’re either headed for the bin, or your CV has done its job and the recruiter continues reading.

How would your CV stand up against this sort of stress test? What’s special about your CV that saves it from the bin?


CV Power Words Will Get You Interviews

Don’t panic. JobCred can help! You can use this proven method to guarantee that your CV will get you more interviews. And the best part is that it’s amazingly simple.

The singularly most effective way to create a real impact with your CV, and to grab your reader’s attention, is simply to pack in a few well-chosen buzzwords. Used correctly they can take your CV out of the bin and put it back into the limelight.

We’re not talking about any old buzzwords or corporate-speak here; we’re talking about carefully selected “CV Power Words”. Words that create the impression of a positive, dynamic and motivated person, who knows how to express themselves and will be likely to succeed in whatever task is given to them.


Transform Your CV Instantly

Imagine you’re a recruiter, scanning through a hundred CVs, and you come across the following sentence. Would you be compelled to read on?

“Reduced costs by 5%”

This CV is heading for the bin. The unfortunate candidate never even got the chance of a face-to-face meeting. Now, see the impact of adding a couple of well-chosen verbs:

Identified and delivered a reduction in costs of 5%”

Straight away, the emphasis is now on you having accomplished a task, rather than giving the impression that the task just happened by itself.

Did you spot the subtle trick of putting your achievements in the past tense? This generates a nice sense of completion and accomplishment, and makes your achievement stand out even more. If you’re using bullet points in your CV, try starting each one with a Power Word and be amazed with the results!


How to make your Achievements sound even juicier!

So, you’ve created a great eye-catching statement that will compel your reader to keep reading. But why stop there? Look at the effect of a few “positive” adjectives and adverbs. They can make even the most mundane achievement sound juicy:

Successfully identified and delivered a significant reduction in costs of 5%”

Particularly when writing your achievements, remember that we’re trying to highlight what you ‘achieved in your role’, rather than just what you ‘did in your job’.


Try CV Power Words for Yourself, Right Now!

So it’s that simple. When faced with a lot of competition your CV has a tough job to do, but careful use of Power Words to describe your skills, employment history, education and achievements can work wonders. Try sprinkling a few into your cover letter too and let them work their magic. You’re virtually certain to be called for more interviews as a result.

Check out here our extensive list of carefully selected CV Power and Action Words.


Visit your JobCred profile right now. Give your CV a Power Word make-over today and make sure that you’re the one sitting in that interview tomorrow.

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