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The Template for Your CV that Attracts Recruiters

template for CV The Template for Your CV that Attracts Recruiters

A template provides you with a professional layout for your CV.


Here’s a proven template for your CV.

A great CV template does two things for you:

  1. Provide you with a reminder of what to include on your CV.
  2. Provide you with a proven and professional CV layout that will get you more job interviews.

Many long books have been written about what to include in your CV and what to leave out of your CV. Instead of spending your money and having to read these books, it’s easier and faster to use a free CV Builder like JobCred.


Read here about the free JobCred CV Builder that helps you to create a CV with a proven and professional template.

CV Contents

When you create your profile in a CV Builder, you’ll be reminded of exactly what to include in your Curriculum Vitae. You’ll also get great CV tips and helpful CV advice along the way.

Follow this link for a great Curriculum Vitae example that is based on a free JobCred CV template.

A traditional CV was simply a list of your personal details, your work experience, your education and interests.

Modern CVs however now contain a Personal Statement which stresses your specific skills. A good template should put your Personal Statement prominently at the beginning of your CV where it will catch and hold the attention of recruiters.

10 Seconds Template

On average, a recruiter will spend 10 seconds reviewing every CV that lands on his or her desk… and they see thousands of CVs. Do you think you will stand out from the crowd if your CV is just a plain list of dates and contact details?

To attract the interest of employers and recruiters, your CV needs a professional layout. A good CV template takes care of this.

A good layout makes your CV easy to scan and read by recruiters. The template finds a balance between cramping too much information and having too much white space on a page. Recruiters like CVs to be in a logical, almost standard, format, where they can quickly find the exact information which they require.

Making a good CV template that includes only relevant information and that presents it in a professional layout in not easy.

To save yourself a lot of time and effort, your best and easiest way forward is to use a free CV Builder like JobCred.



Click here to read what you get when you sign up at JobCred and get instant access to this CV Builder and its proven CV template.


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